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Shockingly Great Ipod Headphones

Improve your sound with Ipod headphones. In the beginning we had portable transitor radios.

Then came cassette playing Walkmans. Then came portable CD players. Today, we all love the choice and options that comes with owning an Ipod.

They're convenient, so you can choose to listen to whatever strikes your fancy. And they carry so much bytes of space (and getting better all the time) that it's possible to have thousands of songs!

A great portable device like these from Apple... require great headphones. And it doesn't mean the ones that came with the unit. I think we all can agree...there's improvement to be made in this area.

So, where can get good Ipod headphones? A great place to start would be at a quality head phone website like www.HeadphoneWarehouse.com.

They have manufacturers and makes that include Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, Etymotic Research, Ultimate Ears, V-Moda, SkullCandy and others.

When buying Ipod headphones, you'll want to take into consideration several factors... including comfort level, affordability, durability, and ability to accurately transmit the sound.

Let's consider affordability first.

1. If you're looking for less expensive: supra-aural are the choice to make. (Supra-aural headphones are the kind that sits on the ear). They are inexpensive and mass produced.

Admittedly, you'll be balancing this against frequency loss because they will give up some quality by using them.

But, in spite of that there are many good ones out there, and you'll probably be more than happy...as long as you don't go too cheap.

My personal experience has been, you really can use price as a good general guideline to determine quality. Of course, nothing's set in stone.

2. The next most expensive option are styles called circumaural (which go over your ear).

These usually give better music quality because they deaden a lot of background noise, resulting in higher quality from your Ipod.

However, for most Ipod use (which means portablity) they are often impractical because they're so big.

Of course, that the defeats the main purpose for carrying an Apple in the first place.

3. One of the best options, although it can also be one of the most expensive is to use canalphones.

These are the Shure, Ultimate Ears type of earphone. This type is inserted directly into the ear canal (almost like earplugs).

They have a softer, elongated outer shell which helps to block out excessive background noise (called passive noise reduction) and the sound is directed precisely into your ear.

Giving better quality. Disadvantage? They're more expensive because of the cost to make the tiny components in them.

Although cost is not going to be your only decision-making factor it will figure into your thought process as you weigh the quality of sound against what your pocket book can bear.

So, be sure to shop at a quality online dealer like www.HeadphoneWarehouse.com so you can compare the different Ipod headphones... by price, convenience, portabilty and quality.


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